When Blaze and Jon Hazard Black rode into our lives, we never wanted them to leave. FORCE OF NATURE is the third spin-off from this classic romance and fits into the middle of the series.

The story begins when Hazard's former lover, Lucy Attenborough, arrives in Montana with their daughter, Jo. Lucy left after their affair and raised Jo in Florence, Italy, without Hazard's knowledge.

Jo is like her father—intelligent, strong-willed,compassionate—and nothing like her flirtatious, frivolous mother. In fact, she is something like Blaze in her yearning for passion and more of it. She has no desire to disrupt her father's life or push her way into the family. Hazard will not deny his child, and Blaze must come to grips with the evidence that there were women before her. She is quite willing to fight Lucy for her man.

Trey and Daisy also come to terms with their new sister. Trey's friendship with Jo might cause gossip were it not for the entrance of Flynn Ito, part-Japanese, part-American and all-sexy rancher.

Jo and Flynn's immediate attraction leads to a heated affair. Jo cares little about the rumors swirling around her mother or Hazard's concerns. But when they are pulled into range war, not even love can stop the danger that threatens their lives.

As always, Susan Johnson writes a romance that sizzles and a story that lingers in your mind; intelligent, sexy love stories are her hallmark. Readers will be thrilled to see Blaze and Hazard back again, and Jo is a worthy Black offspring. Flynn is a fascinating hero, with his Asian-American philosophy. You get just what you expect from Johnson, and readers will be satisfied. VERY SENSUAL (Mar., 300 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin