Image of Force of Nature (Troubleshooters, Book 11)


Image of Force of Nature (Troubleshooters, Book 11)

Packing in all her usual first-rate action and thrills, Brockmann also takes time to focus on two love stories -- that of the hero and heroine plus the ongoing saga of star-crossed gay lovers Jules Cassidy and Robin Chadwick. Intense and packed with emotion, this book is truly a force of nature!

Former cop turned P.I. Ric Alvarado and his assistant, Annie Dugan, take on a supposedly simple missing-person case, only to wind up in the middle of an FBI investigation into terrorism. When Ric and Annie's client tries to kill the son of Florida crime lord Gordon Burns, they prevent it, which places them in good standing with Burns.

That good standing will come in handy for FBI agent in charge Jules Cassidy, who is missing an undercover agent planted in Burns' household. According to the information they have, Burns is going to smuggle in a terrorist soon, so every moment counts. Right now, Ric and Annie are Jules' best shot at getting close to Burns, but that means they must go into the lion's den and try not to get devoured. (BALLANTINE, Aug., 384 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith