Image of Force of Nature (NASCAR Library Collection)


Image of Force of Nature (NASCAR Library Collection)

FORCE OF NATURE (3) by Kristina Cook: NASCAR driver Shelly Green needs the Pebble Valley Winery sponsorship to advance her career with Sanford Racing. But her sponsorship future hinges on the opinion of Wall Street millionaire Damon Tieri. Damon is determined to make a success of his new winery venture, so how could he possibly consider a girl who doesn't even look old enough to drink as his spokesperson? But when Shelly transforms into an attractive spitfire, he can't deny his attraction. Can there be a future between them when Damon enjoys the finer things in life and Shelly likes it simple? Opposites really do attract in this enjoyable but sometimes slow novel, which would have received a higher rating but for its safe, predictable plot.

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan