Image of Force of Nature (Love Inspired Suspense\Stormswept)


Image of Force of Nature (Love Inspired Suspense\Stormswept)

FORCE OF NATURE (4) by Dana Mentink: Antonia Verde never expected to be rescued by Reuben Sandoval, the man she once loved. Antonia no longer trusts Reuben after his brother’s criminal actions forced her sister and her child to go into hiding. A dangerous man is determined to own Reuben’s family’s hotel, even if it means killing those in his way. As a hurricane approaches the island, Antonia must place her life in Reuben’s hands. What lengths will he go to in order to protect the woman he loves? The threat of a truly hostile takeover gives the story a David vs. Goliath feel, and it becomes a bit easier to engage with as the action unfolds. As the characters lose all control in the face of a natural disaster, they, and readers, are reminded of the fragility of human life.

Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee