Image of The Forest Ranger's Return (Love Inspired)


Image of The Forest Ranger's Return (Love Inspired)
THE FOREST RANGER’S RETURN (4) by Leigh Bale: After losing his leg in Afghanistan, Dal Savatch has found his place at Sunrise Ranch, a camp for amputee kids. He is surprised to find that the new forest ranger is Julie Granger, his first love. Once close to Dal, Julie has harbored a dark secret for years. Dal’s fiancée has left him due to his injury, and God seems to be throwing Dal and Julie together for a reason. Julie believes she can help the children at the camp, particularly a troublemaker named Marcus, if Dal allows her to. There are a number of touching and uplifting scenes, especially between Julie and Marcus. The characters exhibit realistic growth as they remind the reader of the fragilities of life and the importance in seeing the value in others.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee