Jude Deveraux's famous Montgomery clan is back, and this time they are up against a villainous evil. A throwback to her earlier stories, this book is exciting yet also filled with humor, romance and the paranormal. Settle in for some exhilarating reading!

As far as Darci Monroe is concerned, the strange job ad in the paper seems tailor-made for her. Having only recently arrived in NYC from tiny Putnam, KY, Darci is not used to city life.

Adam Montgomery placed his faith in a psychic who told him that the woman destined to "help him" would only be found through a want ad. Adam is stunned when he's told that Darci is that woman; a blond waif in extremely worn clothes. However, Darci has the ability to make people act in specific ways using only her mind.

When Adam was three years old, an evil woman searching for endless power kidnapped him and murdered his parents. She waited for Adam's mother to give birth to a baby girl who'd one day have the gift to read the famed Nostradamus mirror. According to the psychic Adam consulted, Darci will be the key that unlocks the secrets of the past.

(Oct., 360 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith