Alex Price was a well known and talented actress until she decided to chuck the fame, paparazzi, gossip and fans that go along with a celebrity lifestyle. On the way home from a ritzy party, trying to outrun a snowstorm, Alex practically runs over Lance Morgan with her car.

Lance has canned his agent and is trying to find bigger, meatier movie roles for himself. His plan? Purchase the movie rights for the life story of an elusive billionaire do-gooder. His only in is—you guessed it—Alex Price. However, Alex is not the easiest person to track down. Since she left the biz, she hasn't stayed in one place long enough to grow roots or make any friends. Almost getting run over was the luckiest thing that could have happened to Lance.

Norfleet's interesting plot is sadly muddied by unclear motivations on the part of her characters. For instance, Alex's reason for quitting show business after winning every acting award possible is questionable. Plus, Lance has plenty of chances to come clean after so conveniently running into Alex (or being run into), but he doesn't. This is a valiant effort, but it's weighed down with overly detailed prose that does little to answer reader questions. (Apr., 288 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Diana White