Image of Forever (Firstborn Series-Baxter 2, Book 5)


Image of Forever (Firstborn Series-Baxter 2, Book 5)

The final book in Kingsbury's Firstborn series is a stellar cap to the collection. Katy's devotion to Dayne during a
time of crisis is both heartwarming
and faith building. The arcing themes
of forgiveness and waiting on the Lord are moving and teach some valuable lessons. But newcomers to the series will be lost without reading the nine previous novels.

Now that the trial is behind them, Katy Hart and Dayne Matthews are moving forward with their wedding plans and their move to Bloomington. They purchase a home that needs a great deal of work and praise God for all he has done in their lives.

But everything shatters in an instant when Dayne is involved in a serious car accident. He lies in a coma, and Katy stays by his side, believing that he will recover. Yet as the days pass, others are not as optimistic. The Baxter family bands together in support of their newfound son and brother, but Luke Baxter is reluctant to give his love and devotion to Dayne so easily. Is there hope for physical and emotional healing? (TYNDALE, Mar., 358 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel