Image of Forever: The World of Nightwalkers


Image of Forever: The World of Nightwalkers

The Bodywalkers are back as Frank’s symbiotic, body-sharing protagonists again take center stage. The second book in Frank’s spin-off focuses on K-9 cop Jackson Waverly, who now hosts the spirit of Egyptian pharaoh Menes. The relationships in this series are intriguing as there are two minds slowly blending within one body. The ancient struggle between two forces gives this story plenty of action and sizzle.

Upon dying, Jackson Waverly was given the option of returning to life if he agreed to bond with the spirit of Menes, the King of the Bodywalkers. Jackson has accepted this new arrangement and is gradually learning to adapt. Police shrink Dr. Marissa Anderson doesn’t see Jackson as only a case; she is uncomfortably attracted to him — as he is to her. Marissa senses something has changed within Jackson, but she never dreams that he is no longer completely human. Meanwhile, Menes is desperate to have his beloved mate return to the living since he needs her help in the upcoming war. Could Marissa be the answer? (BALLANTINE, Jun., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith