Despite her attempts to remain inconspicuous and her choice of a remote little house, Meredith Kenyon has had the bad luck of ending up with Wynema County Sheriff Heath Masters as her nearest neighbor. Meredith and her four-year-old daughter Sammy have been running for their lives. By changing their names and appearances, Meredith hopes to keep Sammy safe from her former father-in-law, Glenn Calendri. As an innocent young bride, Meredith had been unaware of both her new husband's sadistic nature and the family's mob connections. Dan Calendri's death did not end matters, for Glenn is now trying to have Meredith declared unfit and gain custody of Sammy himself.

Frightened from her father's abuse, little Sammy is terrified of men and much of life in general. Retired police dog Goliath is not about to let a little thing like fear stand between him and the child he adores. This special Rottweiler has an almost mystical connection with little Sammy. Slowly but surely, Goliath and Heath start to break down the barriers surrounding the Kenyon ladies' hearts.

Unfortunately, Glenn Calendri's goons are closing in on Meredith's hiding place. Heath is a respected lawman, whose dedication to the law has been a driving force in his life. Getting involved in Meredith's problems could imperil his life and destroy the career he has worked so hard to achieve.

Versatile Catherine Anderson works her own special brand of magic on this poignant, tender and enthralling story. She is truly an extraordinary storyteller. (Apr., 448 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith