Readers who value sharp dialogue more than a plausible plot will enjoy this novel.

Gena Taylor is the mother of a wonderful teenage girl and the owner of a successful New Hampshire bed-and-breakfast. Things are going swimmingly until fate brings her back into contact with Travis Ryan, the only man she has ever loved. Even though Travis and Gena have never shown each other anything but cruelty and deceit, once reunited, each fights an irresistible attraction to the other.

Stacey's book is curious because it manages to be a page-turner without being good. Her characters dwell in a world where everyone has witty comebacks and sharp retorts at the ready, but no one holds a grudge, even against the most unspeakable deeds. Readers' own incredulity will keep them glued to this book until its preposterous conclusion. (Apr., 232 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Scarpati