Ready for a change, Carrie McNichols accepts a position with a Los Angeles. firm. But the past rears its ugly head when Carrie discovers that handsome lawman Ray Ransom is her next-door neighbor.

In dumping her when she was pregnant all those years ago, Ray sent Carrie on a downward spiral that almost ended her life. Despite Rays insistence that he didnt know about her pregnancy, Carrie will never let him have the power to hurt her again.

Rays ex-wife is responsible for the confusion. Shed kept Carries letter from him and the information that Carrie was pregnant with his child. Ray never stopped loving Carrie. Now that shes come back into his life, hes not about to make the same mistake again, but the new, fiery and independent Carrie is making it hard for him sweep her off her sexy little feet!

FOREVER ALWAYS is the latest from newcomer Jacquelin Thomas whose trademark issue-oriented romances are quickly becoming a new trend in African-American romance fiction. As always, Ms. Thomas has created an enticing literary blend of life, romance and sensuality. (Mar., 253 pp., $4.99) Ch

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson