With the release of Forever last
year, inventive author Jude Deveraux launched an exciting and unique four-book paranormal series that will chronicle the struggles of Darci Montgomery,
a most unique woman, who stands on the threshold of enormous power. The forces of good and evil are taking sides and testing allies. Don't miss the chance to join this thrilling, dangerous and magical quest.

Up until a year ago, Darci Montgomery thought she had the perfect life. She was married to Adam Montgomery, the one man who accepted her and her unique paranormal gifts. Then tragedy strikes, and Adam and his sister, Boadicea, disappear while flying in a small plane. The tabloids nickname Darci the "Hillbilly Honey" and insinuate that she wanted to get rid of her wealthy husband.

Unfamiliar with the paranormal, popular actor Lincoln Aimes is referred to Darci for help when the son he's never known is kidnapped. He finds she's reluctant to get involved—until she realizes that his son's disappearance links to Adam's. The trail leads to an old southern plantation with an evil history. Linc and Darci go undercover to see what they can discover, unaware of the forces they are about to confront.

(Sep., 330 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith