Promising author Victoria Chancellor has penned an exciting, eerie and romantic tale of obsession, true love and sacrifice. These lovers have paid a terrible price for one moment's it finally time for them to seize the future?

At fifteen, Linda and a friend were playing with a Ouija Board when they connected with William Howard, who died in 1815. Linda found herself strangely connected to William when, one night while the girls were communicating with him, an entity called Mord entered the Ouija Board. Mord took over the board claiming to have killed William. Terrified, the girls never touched the Ouija Board again.

Today, Gifford Knight has been hunting for Linda for many years. Giff and Linda are reincarnated lovers who are tragically separated each lifetime. Giff is blessed (or cursed) with retaining memories from the couple's numerous past lives. If the ancient pattern holds true, Linda and Giff are now poised to play their pre-assigned roles.

This time around, Giff believes that he has found a way for the lovers to triumph over Mord's evil. Now Linda must look deep inside herself and accept both her past and her present if she and Giff are to win their happiness for this life and all the rest.

(Nov., 400 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith