Gideon Summerfield steps from the train, picks the lock of his handcuffs and hands them to Race Logan. Released from prison by Race and The Bankers Association, Gideon will be a thief to catch a thief. He rode during and after The Civil War with the only family he ever had, the notorious James Gang. To gain parole, Gideon will pretend to rob banks in order to get back into the gang, then help capture its members.

Race's daughter Edwina, known as Honey, defies her father by returning from finishing school, intent on disproving his theory that math and high finance aren't suitable for young ladies. She arrives at the bank to work, but the sole teller urges her to leave. Determined to stay, she discovers a pair of handcuffs in her father's desk and shackles one wrist. When Gideon walks in to stage the fake robbery, Honey believes it's real. To thwart his escape, she snaps the other handcuff to his wrist, but is taken along with him.

Gideon believes that Logan's daughter is a bank teller named Edwina Cassidy. He decides to release his unwitting captive, but she insists on staying until she retrieves the money for her father.

If you believe that love can quickly overcome an uncommon situation and learn to like a heroine whose fix-it complex has consistently disastrous results, this well-written novel is for you. SENSUAL (Nov., 304 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger