FOREVER AND A DAY is a hauntingly beautiful love story based upon "The Highwayman,"the poem about the tragic tale of a woman who gave her life for the man she loved and the heroic outlaw who roamed the land until the day she returned to him.

Since the day of his beloved's death and his own, Dante de Vere has wandered through time-neither man nor ghost, but a phantom-haunted by Bess' death and yearning for peace.

When she inherits an old English inn, Betinna Wells leaves her family's Wyoming ranch to claim her birthright, not knowing that she is playing into the hands of the Fates. From the moment she arrives at the abandoned inn and finds the wounded Dante, Betinna is joined in a magical way to Bess and unwillingly attracted to Dante.

The miracle of life flows into Dante and he is intent upon wooing this strange yet familiar woman and seizing his second chance. With tenderness, teasing and an assault on her senses, Dante wins Betinna's heart, but the final act must be played out as Betinna's fiance arrives to take her home. This time around, will the lovers find death or redemption?

Emotionally powerful, ingenious and overflowing with sensuality and humor, FOREVER AND A DAY is a very special book that will win readers' hearts and imaginations. Connie Rinehold's grasp of the human spirit is awesome. She is a unique voice in the genre.(Feb., 371 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin