Image of Forever and a Day (The Rumor Series)


Image of Forever and a Day (The Rumor Series)

Marvelle not only crafts highly sensual novels, her innovative ideas and plot twists invigorate the genre. In her latest, Forever and a Day, she has a wealthy Englishman and poor Irishwoman, amnesia and a gritty backdrop to lure readers into a Cinderella/ Oliver Twist/Prince and the Pauper story they will wish never ended.

Georgia Milton is a hard- working Irish immigrant who is also the head of New York City’s Forty Thieves. When a handsome, wealthy man tries to save her bag from a thief and is run down, Georgia feels responsible, and when the doctors claim his memory loss is temporary, Georgia brings him back to her small apartment. Roderick Gideon Tremayne had come to New York to locate a map important to his mother. But when he awakens from an accident with no memory of his past, he is beholden to the “angel” who rescued him. He somehow knows certain things: the fact he never really worked a day in his life, but he takes to the new world of New York and Georgia’s unusual lifestyle with ease. The trouble begins when he falls for his rescuer and his memory returns. He believes Georgia will make a perfect lady and insists she come to England. The spunky New Yorker wonders if love will be all she needs to fit into a new world and if her old life will come back to haunt them. (HQN, Jan., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin