Autumn Thomas believes her father died years ago. Then she suddenly receives word that she has just inherited his ranch. Along with her fiancé, she heads for Sagebrush to find out about the father she never knew.

The moment she arrives she's arrested by Sheriff Cord Randolph, who assumes she is Grace Thomas, who runs with the notorious Martin gang. Autumn is released when they learn that Grace is her twin. Shocked, Autumn knows that she has to find her sister and learn more about her family. As Autumn becomes more entrenched in life in Sagebrush (and more attracted to the handsome sheriff), it gets harder to return to the life she left behind.

No one does multiple love stories like Bobbi Smith. Her stories are very satisfying for those who love action, adventure and more than one love story. While the conflict is resolved fairly quickly and easily, FOREVER AUTUMN is a fast-paced, delightful story. SENSUAL (Jan., 364 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager