Thea Devine holds you captivated through the many ingenious twists and turns of this erotic thriller. Combining paranormal elements with a tantalizing tale tinged with just the right amount of lust and danger, THE FOREVER KISS sets a new standard.

Soldier of fortune Dar St. Onge has assumed the identity of dying officer Durcas Sangbourne to unmask a traitor and infiltrate the dark secrets of Sangbourne Manor.

Dar navigates his way through this labyrinth of a manor, and the tangled emotional threads that bind father, mother and son, by pretending to have amnesia. He never expects the lovely gypsy girl Angene to use his ploy to her advantage and claim she is his mistress. As he fights his growing desire for Angene, Dar must find the traitor and the killer behind a series of blood-draining murders.

Edge-of-your-seat tension seamlessly blends with erotic passion as Devine ensnares you in a story so carefully woven it will leave you breathless. (Jun., 350 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin