When his cousin, the Earl of Bothwell, bids him to take the post as warden on the Scottish Borders, Sir Bryan Hepburn reluctantly agrees.

As a man who prizes justice and honor above all else, the Earl hopes Bryan can find the culprit who murdered Hume, the previous warden, and settle some feuding along the borders. Bryan does not expect to fall in love with the lovely widow, Megan Dixon, who also happens to be a suspect.

Head of the family since her husbands death, Megan vows to protect her young son without the help of another traitorous warden. However, she soon finds herself wishing that she could trust Bryan with her life, as well as her heart.

When Bryans investigation leads him deeper into the mystery surrounding Humes disappearance, Megan seems to be at every bend of the dark trail. Fighting the dark memories of betrayal, Bryan tries to dispel doubts about Megan, knowing its too late for his heart already belongs to her.

Blending adventure and romance, FOREVER, MY LADY is an intriguing read. Bryan and Megan must overcome their doubts and fears and learn to trust again. SENSUAL (Jan., 373 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor