Once in a while a character so unique and vivid comes along that is truly unforgettable. Such is the case of Odd Thomas, a young man who sees ghosts, first introduced in 2003's book of the same name. Although now only 21, Odd has lived through more danger, death and loss than most people. He's saved many people but in the process lost his beloved soul mate, Stormy. Now, still locked in his grief, Odd is once more forced to act to save a friend.

When the ghost of his best friend Danny's father suddenly appears in Odd's bedroom, he knows something awful has happened. Sure enough, Dr. Jessup is found murdered and Danny, who suffers from brittle bone disease, has been kidnapped. Using his psychic skills, Odd follows the trail to Danny, knowing full well that it will bring him face to face with unrelenting evil and possible death.

Told in first person, Odd's eccentric narrative is both riveting and haunting, and his gentle, compassionate and courageous nature makes him heroic in the finest sense. Koontz has created a character for the ages. (Dec., 416 pp., $27.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith