Hannah Randall has to find a way out of Texas, even if it means stealing the clothes off a man's back. Ford Colston has been sent to Dallas to hire a new school teacher, but when a woman takes his clothes and steals a kiss he almost forgets that he hasn't found a suitable candidate.

When Ford and Hannah collide on the train, fast thinking Hannah claims that she is the woman he's hired and now Ford is stuck with the sassy thief. But when he's caught kissing "the schoolmarm" the two are forced to marry. Hannah is not interested in love and now it's up to Ford to woo his reluctant bride and convince her to stay in Texas, forever.

With all the warmth of an Americana romance and the grit of a western, FOREVER IN TEXAS is a winner from an author who knows how to make the west tough but tender. Jodi Thomas' earthy characters, feisty dialogue and sweet love story will steal your heart. SENSUAL (Sept., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin