Will Lassater comes to California to fulfill his fathers dream of expanding the Lassater logging empire. During a business transaction with Don Hugo Bolivar, Will meets the Dons betrothed, Santana Maria Chavez Lopez and becomes enamored with this beautiful young girl. Santana sees in Will a strong, courageous, handsome man, but tradition ties her to Bolivar, a man she fears.

Willing to give up all hes worked for, Will claims Santana as his bride, making an enemy of Don Hugo. The first few years of marriage are happy with children and the growth of Wills lumber business. But with the start of the Civil War, Will leaves to join the fight. With the wars end he returns and although Santana still loves him, guilt eats at her soul. They must face not only the twisted vengeance of a deranged man but also a tragedy that tests their love.

Ms. Bittner writes an intense emotional story of a man and a woman worlds apart and of a love that endures as long as THE FOREVER TREE. With its strong saga overtones, deep and abiding love story and colorful backdrop, Rosanne Bittner once more gifts readers with an enthralling tale. SENSUAL (Mar., 469 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond