FOREVER WEREWOLF (4.5) by Michele Hauf: When Trystan (Tryst) Hawkes journeys to the Hautes-Alpes region of France to deliver a package on behalf of his father, he meets Lexi (Alexis) Connor, pack principal Edmonton Connor’s daughter. Tryst is immediately captivated by her strength and beauty. Also attracted to Tryst, Lexi holds back because she knows her father will never approve of her getting involved with a wolf-vampire hybrid. But when Tryst helps dig out the castle after an avalanche and then helps figure out who has been poisoning the principal, Edmonton Connor’s views might just undergo a change. In this fun and lively read, the combination of Trystan’s enthusiasm and Lexi’s strength makes them instantly likable as characters. Includes a reprint of Hauf’s Moon Kissed (Silhouette Nocturne, #72).
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay