Image of Forged: The World of Nightwalkers


Image of Forged: The World of Nightwalkers

Until now Frank’s World of the Nightwalkers has been split into two different series that contain stories about different groups of races that have no knowledge of the other set. But those walls start to crumble in this latest entertaining release. As always there is passion, intrigue and danger in this darkly romantic story, but it is the potential for the melding of series and characters that gives Forged an extra dash of excitement.

While on a walk, Katrina Haynes finds a bleeding man in the snow. Katrina manages to get the man into her house, but she quickly notices something about him is a bit strange. It almost appears that he momentarily turned to stone. Gargoyle Ahnvil is grateful and fascinated by the human woman who saved him. Forced to divulge what he is, Ahnvil is surprised by Katrina’s acceptance of a world she never knew existed. But when Katrina accidentally tries on a dangerous amulet, she unfortunately can’t remove it … which means she will now be a target for those hunting both Ahnvil and the artifact. (BALLANTINE, May, 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith