Reid builds anticipation of an excellent adventure from the first page. Readers will enjoy the action sequences in addition to the steamy love scenes. The characters are fully developed and believable. Although there are one or two scenes that seem rushed in order to fit the short format, they do not detract from reader enjoyment. A fast pace, detailed worldbuilding and an engrossing plot makes this a fabulous page-turner.

Cinnamon Sweetstorm d’ Vortimer, who’s a dragon shapeshifter, answers her young cousin’s distress call. He has been detained in Kardona, an enemy kingdom known for its unfriendly attitude toward shifters. On her journey, she meets Cedric, and an attraction flares between them. Cedric Blackwell Zarek is the new king of Kardona and wants to free his people from the dreaded dragon priests who keep the citizens in a state of fear. Can Cinna and Cedric defeat their enemies while nurturing their budding love? (AMBERQUILL.COM, dl $6.00)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart