Image of Forged by Desire (London Steampunk)


Image of Forged by Desire (London Steampunk)

McMaster’s London Steampunk series continually grows more complex and more fascinating, and this intense, instantly absorbing fourth novel enriches her world, bringing the series to a turning point that will have fans clamoring for more. At its heart is a pair of engaging characters whose connection is magnetic and whose chemistry is explosive. McMaster’s insight into her couple’s dynamic is spot-on, making the conflict between them feel genuine, if a little frustrating, but her emphasis on being loved for precisely who and what you are makes this romance another outstanding success.

Captain Garrett Reed of the Nighthawks has been tasked with hunting down a monster who is preying on women, leaving him no choice but to use his partner in the Guard, Perry, as bait. But one look at Perry dressed to kill and Garrett finds himself neatly caught in his own trap. Perry fled her life as a blood thrall, hiding behind her uniform and abrasive retorts to keep everyone at arm’s length — including the partner she’s loved for nine long years. Perry would do anything for Garrett, but when her past returns with a vengeance, she realizes that the only way to save him may be to leave him forever. (SOURCEBOOKS, Sep., 448 pp., $7.99)
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Bridget Keown