Crane showcased her kooky sense
of humor in her debut, Stupid and Contagious. This is another triumph
for the author, who, quite like Valerie Frankel, takes unlikely premises and makes them tangible and realistically warped. Main character Jordan's
transformation from subservient to assertive is incredibly fun and empowering, and Crane paints her as someone you not only root for but also want in your corner.

Jordan Landau is in the midst of some major life changes. Her boss unfairly promotes her co-worker, yet has no problem stealing all of Jordan's superior advertising ideas. Her boyfriend is cheating on her, and her mother and younger sister treat her with contempt. So when she's involved in a bicycle accident, she does the only thing she can think of to change her lot in life -- she feigns amnesia. Soon Jordan is speaking up for herself and going after what she wants. Not only does she score a promotion, she finds herself falling in love -- with the driver of the car involved in her accident! (5 Spot, Aug., 368 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg