In a stake-out gone bad, policewoman Jaclyn Mason loses her partner, her reputation and nearly her life. As she struggles through her grief, bureaucratic red tape, Mafia bosses and corrupt cops, Jaclyn meets the mysterious Brad Williams—her former partner's best friend. Her feelings for Brad are instant and intense. He soon becomes her lifeline in the bizarre nightmare that has become her life. But the key to her happiness and sanity becomes tarnished when shes caught in the mystery surrounding Brad.

Brad Williams is trapped in a life of lies, betrayal and crimelayers so thick that failure to accomplish his mission can only result in his death. Torn between Jaclyn, his duty and his loyalty to his dead friend, Brad wonders if fighting the good fight is enough to keep them both alive.

Adrianne Byrd has created a romantic suspense novel that unravels with all the grace and tautness of the finest silk thread. Every riveting word of this book draws the reader into a rollercoaster of adventure that will keep her guessing until the end. (Oct., 301 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson