In the prologue to Holby's fourth offering in her Wind series, Caleb Conners rides home from the War Between the States with Cat, wife of Major Tyler Kincaid. Although she's pregnant, Cat helps Caleb because he lost a leg in battle.

Later, after recovering from his war injury, Caleb breaks his other leg while trying to tame a horse. Amanda Myers comes to tend to him, mostly because everyone else is busy with a chicken pox epidemic. His sympathy for her—she was held captive in a whorehouse and forced into opium addiction—and growing love help him survive this new crisis. Amanda feels safe at Lynch Ranch and grateful to Caleb for his visionary, loving portrait of her.

Stunning battles of the era known as Wyoming's most bloody aren't commented on by any of the characters and Lynch Ranch is very large and well-established several years before Wyoming's Post- Civil War cattle boom, but Holby writes an enjoyable romance in spite of the partially telescoped and strictly atmospheric history. She deserves praise for raising her appealing ranch community to the level of archetype and for her interesting character interaction. SENSUAL (Jun., 370 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger