Image of Forgotten: A Novel


Image of Forgotten: A Novel

The inevitable clash between law enforcement and defense counsel is embodied in Stewart's newest protagonists. One of her strengths is her ability to create utterly creepy and deadly villains. Tragedy runs deep through this shocking tale, making it both transfixing and emotionally devastating.

FBI agent Portia Cahill is forced to return to the States once her undercover identity is compromised. Resentful of the circumstances, Portia is not thrilled with her new assignment --- talking with convicted serial killer Sheldon Woods about burial locations of additional child victims. To get Woods' cooperation, the FBI agrees to involve his former court-appointed attorney, James Cannon.

What they don't expect, however, is to discover fresh bodies placed on top of Woods' burial sites. There is obviously a new and deadly killer on the loose. (BALLANTINE, Sep., 448 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith