This novel has such a refreshing take on your typical coming-of-age story. The characters are insightful and the dry humor is reminiscent of what you’ll find in a TV drama. From start to finish, readers will feel like they are on a reluctant journey with someone who didn’t set out to change her life. More attention could have been given to the overall setting of the story; however, this is still a must-read.

Fulfilling her mother’s dying wish, Emma Tupper takes what is originally intended to be a month-long trip to Africa. Six months later, she returns home to find she has no job, no apartment and everyone thought she was dead. She decides to get back the life she lost with the help of her friend Stephanie and Dominic Mahoney, the man who now lives in her apartment. Finding it more than difficult to just get back into the swing of things, Emma must decide if the life she once had is the same one she wants now. (MORROW, Oct., 448 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner