In A FORGOTTEN LOVE, you will not find obvious displays of affection, sexual tension, nor desire between the hero and heroine here. What you will find is an emergency room surgeon, Joni Forest, fighting to hold on to the job of her dreams. Its a battle to the end as Jonis job is threatened when the man who previously held the position decides to return to the hospital, intending to take it back.

The scenarios depicted throughout the hospital setting were interesting and quite creative. Although romance does not propel this story forward, the portrayal of a female doctor completely filled with passion for her job and loyalty to her staff made this an admirable read.

The storyline itself was engaging but when I finally figured out who the hero was, I realized I didnt like him very much. Generally, you want the hero and heroine to get together, but in this case, the hero was too presumptuous in his thinking that he could take Jonis job away from her and she would still be able to love him. The story could have survived quite well without him. (Nov., 253 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Tullos