Image of The Forgotten Queen


Image of The Forgotten Queen

History lovers have been so fascinated by Henry VIII and his wives that his sister, Margaret, is often forgotten. Bogdan brings this vivacious woman to life in a novel that pulses with the conflicts and passions of the era and one woman’s struggle to find love and power. Well crafted and well told, this is the type of historical novel that delivers what readers want: a strong woman, historical detail, tragedy, triumph and grand passion.

From childhood, Margaret has known she will have to marry for the sake of England and not for love. Barely a woman, she is wed by proxy to King James IV of Scotland. Surprisingly she falls in love with the country and her husband. When James dies in a battle against her brother she becomes a pawn in a new game led by the Earl of Argus. Her infatuation with the earl leads the country into chaos. But Margaret is determined to hold onto the Scottish crown for her son and to hold the land together despite tragedy, betrayal and her own desire for everlasting love. (KENSINGTON, Feb., 318 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin