Robinson Hollister, the Earl of Rosegoode, has turned away from high Society to work as the head of a Protective Services Agency, the place where those selfsame members of the ton come when they are desperate for help. It is a shock to him to see his former fiancée, the Lady Madeline Dalton, enter his offices one day in fear for her life.

Although the sight of her brings back harsh memories and unjust thoughts, he is convinced that she is indeed in danger and embarks on a perilous adventure that will not only put them at the mercy of a madman, but will also lead them to a better understanding of how to find the real person hiding behind any social persona. The growing love between them makes reconciliation an irresistible thought; however, the past remains a barrier between them.

The very talented Teresa DesJardien is able to paint a picture of deep psychological pain and unreasoning madness that is so realistic as to be frightening, yet still maintain a light enough touch to keep THE FORMER FIANCÉ from crossing the line into gothic horror. I really enjoyed it. (Jul., 214 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck