In book two of Toombs' series, Prince Xenon crosses over in the Temple of Time, a dimension where imaginations become reality, fleeing from his brother Randon. There, he is led to Charis, a phantasm who was recently transformed into a real woman, but whose pure innocence has not taught her emotions. Together they journey through the Temple of Time in search of a gateway to another world and learn about love in the process.

Toombs takes readers through a world full of beauty and of peril, one whose entire appearance can change following a "shaker." The author is fairly descriptive and introduces many creatures, such as poisonous croma worms, wood sprites, ferals, blobs and a wizard. Each encounter helps Xenon and Charis to grow within themselves and become closer, but there's not much chemistry between the characters and their relationship seems immature.

This book is a quick read, but it leaves many loose ends, which the author may intend to tie up later in the series. The ending falls shy of expectations and leaves the reader wanting to read the next book but wondering why the journey was so important. (dl $3.50)
Reviewed by: 
Autumn Murray