In this spin-off from Ms. Link's Enchandora, Englishman Anthony Chambers arrives in New South Wales to claim his inheritance, never expecting to meet his match in an enigmatic widow.

Annie Ross had found the shelter she needed at Cedric Chambers' outback station. Fleeing shame and a scandal in Philadelphia, she accepted Cedric's offer to become his housekeeper and begin a new life. Now, Annie fears her world will be shattered by the stipulations of Cedric's will that she share her home with Anthony.

Tony is firm in his belief that Annie is nothing but a fortune hunter who duped his elderly uncle by falling into his bed. To his surprise Annie is nothing like that. She works hard, is a kind and loving mother and a good friend; well respected by the men working at the station and their neighbor, Patrick O'Donnell.

Their mutual fear of love and the unusual circumstances they face bring Tony and Annie together. Tony begins wooing Annie and fantasizing about her sensual beauty while Annie develops respect and admiration for her partner that grows into love. Yet Annie fears what will happen when Tony learns the truth about her past.

Engrossing and compelling, FORSAKING ALL OTHERS is a powerful story of two people learning to trust and love. Ms. Link has portrayed Annie's struggle with her conscience realistically and created likable characters and a secondary romance that readers will truly enjoy. This is a good sit-back-and-enjoy read. SENSUAL (Jan., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin