Image of Fortunate Harbor (Happiness Key)


Image of Fortunate Harbor (Happiness Key)

The sequel to Happiness Key has its moments, both humorous and emotional, and those who enjoyed the first book will probably like this one. Others may find it slow-moving, and the characters simply not all that fascinating.

Tracy Deloche’s relationship with Marsh Egan is on the rocks — his ex-wife is in town, cozying up to him and their son — when her ex-husband, C.J. Craimer, shows up. Janya Kapur’s arranged marriage to Rishi is crumbling under their failure to conceive, making Janya wonder about their future. Wanda Gray’s marriage is fine, but she loses her job suddenly and decides to open a pie shop … but that isn’t as simple as it seems. And what of the stranger in town, Dana Turner? She has a secret, one Pete Knight may hold the key to. (MIRA, Jul., 528 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer