Madeline Monarch knew that her marriage to Pierce was a mistake. When her daughter Grace was born, she knew they had to leave. Though only six years older than the baby, her step-son Griffen frightened her and her father-in-law was all controlling. It took five years to get away.

Growing up in hiding, Grace AKA Skye Dearborn had no memory of her life before she was five. Her mother worked carnivals as a fortune teller until she left a 12-year-old Skye with 17-year-old Chance McCord. The two stayed together until Chance found what he thought Skye needed, a family. Then he slipped away in the night, leaving Skye once again devastated.

The Monarch family never stopped looking for their little Grace, and 25 years after she disappeared, answers start falling in Griffen Monarch's lap. The handsome charmer had always had everything he wanted, except for the one twisted need he couldn't fill. When he meets Chance McCord, he uses him for details on Skye and puts his plan in motion. Since she has no memories of the Monarchs and doesn't know she is his sister, he plans to bring Skye home and marry her.

This extremely well-written book, with its carefully woven plot and enticing characters is one you will not be able to put down. Give yourself plenty of time, and enjoy! (March, 512 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson