In the late 1800's, Americans were transfixed by the idea that a spiritualist could conduct a sance and contact the dead. Beautiful sisters, Lavinia and Hazel Murphy became fashionable contacts.

Raised in a St. Louis orphanage, Lavinia and Hazel managed to escape a life of poverty and abuse to become known as the Countess Lovaenya and the Czarina. Their new identity is threatened by Edward Stuyvesant-French, the illegitimate son of Lavinia's client; a man who has willed her his fortune.

Determined to expose the sisters as frauds and gain an inheritance for his crippled half-sister, Daisy, Edward will stop at nothing. But the kiss of a lovely ghost girl haunts him day and night.

Lavinia agrees to turn over the money in exchange for a new start. Daisy wants the sisters to accompany her to Europe where they may find husbands and security.

Though Lavinia is sure Edward has no heart, the uneasy bargain she has struck makes her heart pound; try as she may, she is drawn by the darkness in his soul and the desire to heal his pain.

Even as she strives to stay away from Edward, a blazing passion burns inside of her. Nothing but pain will ensue unless Edward is willing to bury his hatred and pride.

This emotion-packed tale digs deep into the recesses of the soul and finds hope and love hidden inside. Meagan McKinney's skills as a master wordsmith reach new heights in this powerful, dramatic romance; a tale for those who want both mind and heart involved to the fullest.. SENSUAL(Apr.,352 pp., $23.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin