Lacking the funds to restore his estate, George Carstairs, Lord Rival, has no alternative but to marry.

Lady Olivia Fairfax, a wealthy spinster, is not what she seems to be; on their first meeting, George mistakes her for a house maid. He is quite taken aback when he discovers that the very beguiling servant is none other than Lady Olivia. Intelligent, with a hidden sensuality, she is devoted to the school she runs for orphaned girls. Olivia has no desire to marry, especially this handsome, irresistible rake of a fortune hunter. But he seduces her with his outrageous wit, innate goodness (which he tries to hide) and finally his kisses. Unable to resist him, Olivia relishes the excitement that George can bring to her life.

Completely enchanted with this lovely young woman, can George continue his game of courtship and seduction after they both discover that Olivia is not an heiress? Will he marry for love or money?

Ms. Farr is a writer who excels at her craft as she draws readers into the Regency period with her fast pacing, lively characters and sparkling dialogue. For lovers of this era, THE FORTUNE HUNTER is your cup of tea! SENSUAL (Apr., 344 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond