Image of The Fortune Quilt


Image of The Fortune Quilt

Rich's latest is sometimes quirky and funny, yet always compelling, as it follows one woman whose life is transformed following a psychic reading. Complete with touching romance and enigmatic characters, it will likely appeal to women's fiction fans of all ages.

Carly McCay, a producer of a local Tucson, Ariz., television show, is assigned a story on psychic quiltmaker Brandywine Seaver, who lives in nearby Bilby. Brandy makes her quilts based on psychic visions and claims that her psychic ability enables her to identify the person for whom she made the quilt. During Carly's interview, Brandy hands her a quilt that she claims definitely belongs to Carly.

Suddenly, images on the quilt correspond to Carly's life. She loses her job when her show is cancelled, her long-lost mother reappears and Carly moves to Bilby, where she embarks on a romance with Will, an artist and photographer. As Carly befriends her eccentric neighbors, she comes to terms with the recent changes in her life and ponders whether she can open her heart to the mother who abandoned her family 17 years ago. (NAL, Mar., 272 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick