Refusing to use her family's name to get ahead, Kyra Fortune seeks employment at a rival company and works her way up to vice presidency before hitting the glass ceiling. Her boss, Garrett Wolff, doesn't like her -- and she won't be promoted again on his watch. Or so Kyra believes, until Garrett takes her on an important business trip with him. En route, they're snowbound together, and Kyra learns that Garrett isn't as cold as he seems. In fact, the tension between them has been a side effect of sexual frustration -- on both sides. Becoming lovers helps, briefly, and because neither is interested in a relationship, they agree that what happened at the cabin stays there. Fine -- but only in theory! Maureen Child's latest, Fortune's Legacy (3), employs an oft-used plot, conflict and certain incidental characters. These are offset, however, by the dimension and depth given to Kyra and Garrett and an intense level of sensuality.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer