Image of Foul Play at the Fair (A Celebration Bay Mystery)


Image of Foul Play at the Fair (A Celebration Bay Mystery)

If you like small town gossip, long-buried secrets and festivals galore, you’ll love this new series. The mystery is well developed and proceeds nicely. This is a promising new series with colorful characters and seasonal festivals that create endless possibilities for future storylines.

Former Manhattan event coordinator Liv Montgomery has relocated to Celebration Bay to rid herself of the nasty bridezillas and demanding clientele in her old profession. Planning festivals for the small town seems to be the change Liv is looking for in her life. While in the midst of the Harvest Festival, Liv is summoned by her assistant to Waterbury Farms, where a man has been murdered and stuffed in a barrel — with his middle pinned by an apple press. Liv has to do damage control before the tourists find out. When the victim is identified as a local resident’s brother, who left town after committing a heinous crime 30 years earlier, Liv believes the murderer is a local. A lot of people in town had a motive for murder. Will Liv’s investigating bring justice, or will it reveal secrets that are better left alone? (PRIME CRIME, Sep., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin