Found in Bliss has a tight build-up, individually defined characters and fairly easy-flowing dialogue. The story is rife with dark overtones, and a compelling cast of characters plays intrinsic parts in the finale.

It’s been eight years since Holly Lang’s husband took her son and tossed her out of their home, leaving her to live in a glorified cabin. She is caught between two men: the exotically sexy — and much younger — Alexei, a former hit man for the Russian mafia who is now in witness protection, and Dr. Caleb Burke, who has buried his biggest hurts deep and allows no woman to get close to him. Alexei will do anything to win Holly’s love — even if that means sharing her with the haunted Caleb. Caleb is afraid that if he doesn’t keep Holly at arm’s length, she’ll see the true beast that resides inside him. It’s going to take Holly’s gentle soul to save his own. (SIRENPUBLISHING.COM, dl. $8.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper