For the last 14 years, Alaina Chancellor and her son Jonah have been on the run from Jonah's father. Layton Keller raped Alaina when she was a teenager, right before he married her sister. No one believed her claim, and it shattered her family.

P.I. Mitch Kane is hired by millionaire businessman Layton Keller to find his long-missing son, and once he does, all hell breaks loose. Suddenly the FBI and some dangerous thugs enter the picture. Despite being hit by a car, a desperate Alaina struggles to reach her son. The discovery that Jonah has disappeared is terrifying. Does Layton have him? Mitch rapidly comes to the conclusion that he has been played and nothing is quite as it seems. To put things right, Mitch is going to have to try to gain Alaina's trust and assistance.

Cross and double-cross are the names of the game in Lamb's new thriller. She excels at giving her readers complex, dark drama coated with lots of intrigue. (Sep., 347 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith