His ruse worked! American secret agent Neil Wolfson (Wolf) kidnaps the Akoran Princess Amelia, lets her escape, rescues her and then returns her to her family. He is hailed as a hero and welcomed into their inner circle. Now Wolf is sure he will unmask the traitor who destroyed an American ship.

With her "gift" for seeing straight into anyone's heart, Amelia knows Wolf is a good man but filled with regrets. She also knows that she can not deny her overwhelming attraction to him. Wolf suspects Akora is in league with his nemesis; he doesn't mind sleeping with the enemy—in fact, he can hardly resist.

As passions rise, Wolf and Amelia become enmeshed in his investigation, which yields several surprising conclusions.

Though too similar to previous novels, this tale is as satisfying as any of the series. Lively characters, sexual tension, adventure, twists and a solid love story keep you reading, even if it all feels a bit like déjˆ vu. SENSUAL (Jul., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin