While digging for precious artifacts in England, Princess Clio of Akora begins having strange visions. Though all the woman of her family have "gifts," Clio's is just awakening, and her visions tell her about the past.

William, Earl of Hollister, finds it hard to believe his childhood friend is now a beautiful woman who brings out all his heroic qualities. Even though he has a mission for the prime minister, Clio's safety takes precedence after the body of a murdered stranger is found nearby.

Though Clio is attracted to Will, she suspects that's he's not revealing the entire truth, which leads her to stay at Holyhood and investigate on her own.

A devious plot against young Queen Victoria's life and a lively murder mystery propel the story forward. Though I would have enjoyed a stronger battle of wills in the romance, ˆ la Litton's Viking trilogy (which is connected to the Akora series), readers will be more than satisfied with an exciting thriller and love story in one. SENSUAL (Sep., 440 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin