Image of Four Friends


Image of Four Friends

Carr makes readers laugh and cry with her deft exploration of domestic abuse, mental illness and infidelity. While there are male characters and love interests, the women are the ones who will hold readers’ attention. Moving from her usual small-town setting to the suburbs hasn’t changed the full-bodied life Carr brings to this cast of mature women on the cusp of transformation.

Life is good, if chaotic, for social worker Gerri, until she discovers her marriage isn’t what she thought it was, leading her to question everything in her world. At the same time, her best friends in the neighborhood are each hitting their own crises: Andy is on divorce No. 2 and chakra-healing Sonja has a total break with reality when her husband walks out. Into this rapidly changing circle of friends slips reserved and mysterious BJ. As the women try to find themselves and happiness, they still must deal with their children, their jobs and their love lives — or lack thereof. None of their journeys is easy, but together — with laughter and some wine — they discover that not only are they surviving, they’re thriving. (MIRA, Apr., 384 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison