Stephanie Plum is happy to get what should be a routine case: waitress Maxine Nowicki has been charged with stealing the car of her ex-boyfriend, Eddie Kuntz. When Stephanie contacts Eddie, he also wants to hire her to get some letters back from Maxine.

From the first this case seems a bit odd. Maxine leaves cryptic messages for Eddie, leading him on a treasure hunt. Puzzle genius (and drag queen rock star) Sally Sweet comes on board to help Stephanie crack the codes. Soon Stephanie, Sally, Lula and Grandma Mazur are trailing an elusive Maxine all over New Jersey. The case takes an ugly turn when Maxine's friends and family start losing portions of their anatomy. Who else is trailing Maxine and why?

The fire bombing of Stephanie's apartment and car forces her to accept the dubious protection of her long time nemesis/ex-boyfriend, Det. Joe Morelli. Soon all of Trenton is speculating on their relationship.

Poor Stephanie, her sex life is hot public gossip, her worst enemy is horning in on her case and some nut seems determined to kill her. What's a Jersey girl to do?

The always phenomenal Janet Evanovich is in rare form. FOUR TO SCORE is downright hilarious, yet packed with all the madcap action and sexual tension you could ask for. Superb! (July, 294 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith